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Saturday, November 14, 2009

I woke up the other day and stared at my wife laying next to me, as I looked at her I remembered back to the day when we first met 22 years ago. As I stared into her face I noticed that I could still see the young girl I fell in love with all those years ago. I wondered to myself how much life had changed me to her, and if she could still remember how I looked when we first met. As I studied her face I noticed a few grey hairs, a few laugh lines that weren't there when we first met. I knew that I was probably the cause of a few of those worry lines that I could see now.

I thought to myself I have been in a war, spent a career as a police officer, and been injured I don't know how many times, and probably was not the easiest person in the world to love. But through all of this my wife never gave up on me, she was always there at the end. Hard days, sleepless nights, nothing could stop this women from loving me. So what was it that I had that made such a caring women put up with me? I was not the most handsome man out there, not the most intelligent either. But still she was there for me.

As I lay there I wondered about the other girlfriends that I had in my life time, would life have been the same if I had married one of them? would it have been easier? or harder?. But then I thought to myself that there was no one else that I could picture having walked down life's road with.
My wife opened her eyes then and looked at me, you look like you are thinking she said. No just looking at you I told her. Men you are so weird sometimes she said.
You have no idea I thought to myself.

As most people grow older together they forget the reason they are together in the first place. They lose track of what attracted them together.
never take for granted the person who has stuck by your side, we should always remember to take a moment to rekindle our love and keep it new. Love never grows old, it only gets greater with time. P.J Jellerson


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