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Saturday, November 14, 2009

Here is what you will need:

1.) Turbo Lister - A listing tool you can download free from eBay.

2.) A high speed internet connection, such as Cable or DSL.

3.) A fast printer. You are not concerned with color quality, just PPM speed in black (pages per minute in black ink).

4.) 50 identical products you can sell easily and make at least $1 profit each (after eBay, Paypal and shipping fees).

Here is what you will do:

Create an auction in Turbo Lister describing one of the items. Make sure you are making at least $1 profit after expenses.

Right click the item and type in "duplicate". It will ask how many times and you will type "49". This is why all the items must be identical. (apprx. time 3 minutes)

Upload the items to eBay

Wait for bids.

After the auctions end, you will still need to ship the items. You can print and pay for the postage through Paypal. (apprx. time 2 hrs. 15 min.) In order to make $20 an hour, you can only ship products domestic mail. International will take more time if you have to fill out a customs form.

Add time for miscellaneous. Answering emails etc. (apprx. time 12 minutes)

This should figure out to $20 per hour. You could even hire someone and make more money per work hours invested.

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