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Be Anal Retentive
Saturday, November 14, 2009

Set up a system for everything you do.

Be anal retentive. An anal retentive person is someone who is obsessed with minor details.

I used to think this was a bad thing, until a co-worker told my I was anal-retentive. I was writing down a list of things I was going to do for that work day. This wasn't required of us by our boss. I chose to do this voluntarily. My friend said to me "Why are you doing that? This isn't rocket science." At first, I agreed with him. After all, he was more experienced then I was. However, I did notice one difference. He would be less prepared which caused him to be more stressed. Being anal retentive will help you to be more efficient and avoid obstacles. Eventually he changed his point of view and adopted my work style when he saw my day ran more smoothly and with less stress. Plan, stay organized and constantly improve.

Brainstorm. Continually think of new ideas. I have found I cannot brainstorm on cue. If I try, I will sit in front of my computer for hours with mental block. It's when I'm taking a shower or driving to the grocery store, my mind becomes flooded with ideas. That is why I always carry a pen and notepad with me everywhere I go.


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