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Monday, November 16, 2009

Write down your goals on paper and prioritize them. Keep it in plain sight, where you will see it every day. Write down everything! Thoughts become things.

Develop a system for everything you do. Keep notebooks.

Track your progress frequently (weekly or monthly). It will help keep you motivated.

Tweak your progress as you go along. If something isn't working, stop and change direction. If something is working, run with it. Constantly improve and evolve.

Write down a list of your obstacles.

Make it fun. You will become motivated.
Make it easy as possible. You will stay motivated.
Manage your time effectively.

Find a mentor or coach. Follow their advice. Learn from their mistakes.

Don't backpedal. Don't lose what you worked hard for.

Avoid Stress. It will cloud your judgment.

Don't give up and don't fear failure. Learn from it.

Be ethical. Whatsoever a man soweth, that shall he also reap.

Study personal development. Buy self-help tapes, CDs and/or books of your favorite motivational speakers. Browse blog carnivals.

Take a college course.

Be anal retentive.

Ask yourself:

What has been working so far? Rinse and repeat.

What hasn't been working? How can I remedy this?

Why do I want to achieve this?

What will happen if I don't achieve this?

Who can help me?

Visualize yourself already having achieved the goal. Ask yourself: What steps did I take to arrive here?


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