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Self help with Discount auto insurance
Thursday, May 27, 2010

You can’t live without auto insurance if you have a car. Auto insurance premium is a big expense in your budget and everyone looks for discount auto insurance to save on their premium. Given below are some techniques that would help you find discount auto insurance policies. You mightn’t be able to use all these techniques but using some or one of them would still be helpful.

Useful techniques for getting discount auto insurance :

Do some comparison shopping

The key to save money on your auto insurance costs is shopping around. Explore and compare the rates, coverages and benefits of as many insurers as you can.

Use auto debit facilities

Majority of insurers are now asking for fees for processing paper statements to you. You can avoid these types of charges by setting up an auto debit facility with your insurer where the premium would be automatically deducted from your savings or checking account.

Buy your policy soon

You might qualify for big discounts if you buy your policy 7 days before when it starts.

Make yearly payments

If you make monthly premium payments, car insurance companies might ask for a fee. Therefore, it is better that you make annual or half-yearly payments on your premium since you might qualify for attractive discounts

Undergo driver’s education courses

If you enroll in a safe driving education course, you might be eligible for discounted auto insurance policies. This course is self-funded for the first year and you can obtain a discount for 3 years. When the discount ends, you can enroll in another class.

Some companies implement an insurance credit scoring method. Despite the fact that this is not similar to the usual credit score, it is substantially dependent on your credit score. Therefore, if you can raise your credit score, this would help you save money. You can a decline a credit evaluation but you should ensure to inform the insurer that you don’t wish to participate in the credit scoring. This is recommended when you understand that you don’t have an excellent credit score. They would offer you a regular rate that is lower than their average rate but higher than the cheapest rate.

Getting discounts on your car insurance policy can definitely help you save a lot of money that you can use for other purposes.


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