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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

90% of auctions are found through the eBay's search. Most people do not search through the categories. So your auction title is the most important factor in attracting bids.

You only have 55 characters to work with, so each word must be chosen carefully.

Try to use all 55 characters.

Don't waste characters. Don't put L@@K! WOW! or CHEAP BARGAIN! in your description. No one will search for these words.

Let's say you want to sell Cinderella on DVD. You absolutely have to include "Walt Disney" in the title. This way you get twice as many customers. Anyone who searches for "Cinderella" and anyone who searches for "Walt Disney".

Include all and only relevant words you think someone would search for.

Include full names, not just last names. Clint Eastwood as opposed to Eastwood.

Spelling must be perfect. A word spelled incorrectly can cost you visitors, which will cost you bids.

Don't spend money on listing in a second category unless you are absolutely sure your item fits in both categories. Remember, most people do not search through the categories.

This works both ways. You want to maximize bids by improving your title description. There are people out there that don't know what they're doing. I have found great deals on eBay, because of poorly written description titles.

I came across a cool website. Find searches for misspelled words on eBay.


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